Tonight Show with JayLeno

(Denise Richards on the Tonight Show, 3-31-98)

[Denise was the second guest, following William Hurt. The names will be
abbreviated as follows: Denise Richards = DR, Jay Leno = JL,
William Hurt = WH, Kevin Eubanks (Jay's bandleader) = KE]

JL: My next guest is a beautiful and talented actress. She can be seen in the
film "Wild Things", which is playing in a theater, uh, right near you [Points
at William Hurt]. Uh, Please welcome Denise Richards.

[Denise comes out to a big audience cheer. She is wearing a HOT short black
dress with a matching light black coat thing on top of it, and some nice black
high heels. She makes her way over to Jay's desk. She shakes hands with
Jay Leno and William Hurt on the way there.]

JL: Have a seat.

DR: [Sitting] Thank you.

[Short pause to wait until all the horny guys stop cheering]

JL: How ya doing? You're not nervous, are you?

DR: I'm actually OK right now, I was nervous earlier.

JL: Okay. Well, you look great. Well see it's, it's very easy.

DR: Thank You. [Laughs]

JL: Now you're, you're from California. Did you grow up here?

DR: Um, actually, I'm originally from Illinois. [Loud cheering]

JL: But you moved out here when, what, when you were a little kid?

DR: I moved out when I was about fourteen, I moved to San Diego.

JL: Okay.

DR: And from there I moved up to LA.

JL: Oh, okay. Now in this film, uh, "Wild Things", you play a high school

DR: Right.

JL: Now, were you a good student, were you a wild kid?

DR: Um, I was pretty rebellious when I was in high school. [Laughs]

JL: Yeah really? Like what?

DR: Um, [Laughter from Denise and audience] something I probably shouldn't say.
Um, I just, ya know, talked a lot, and ya know...

JL: Gregarious, Kid stuff.

DR: Kid stuff.

JL: Nicknames, did kids tease you?

DR: Oh, actually, in Junior High, my nickname was "Fish Lips".

JL: Fish Lips?

DR: Yeah, kids weren't very nice to me in Junior High, so...

JL: Hmmmmm.

DR: I had big, fat lips. [Laughs]

JL: Big, fat lips? [Jay checks out Denise's lips] I don't see it, [Denise laughs]
but yeah, okay well maybe, maybe. Maybe your lips grew first and then the rest
of the head filled in.

DR: [Denise and audience laugh] Right.

[William Hurt bends over to check out Denise's lips]

JL: But they look fine now.

DR: Did you have a nickname?

JL: Uh, yeah, I was, uh, "Chinzo" when I was a kid [audience laughs].

DR: Chinzo?

JL: [Jay grabs his chin] "Hey, Jay, how ya doing?" Thanks guys. Yeah, I got a
lot of that.

DR: [Laughs] You have a nice chin.

JL: I have a nice chin?

DR: I like it.

JL: Well, thank you. Again, my chin grew first, and then the rest of the body...
[audience laughs]

DR: Filled out.

JL: Filled in. If I had fish lips, and a chin, oh, I'd be really screwed.

[Denise and audience laugh]

JL: Now this is a very sexy movie.

DR: VERY sexy.

JL: Was this tricky to do, with Neve Campbell you have sort of a, uh, well, a
love scene with her, and Matt.

DR: Yeah, I wouldn't exactly call it a love scene, um...

JL: Uh, I would call it a love scene, but yeah, okay. [Audience and Kevin Eubanks
laugh] Was that hard to do?

DR: Yeah, I mean I've never done any sort of nudity before, so it was difficult
and, you know, I talked to the director beforehand and figured out how he was
gonna shoot it, so that I would be comfortable and he would be comfortable
getting his shot, and that sort of thing, but doing it is so, it, I mean, you're
there with the crew, even though you have a closed set, it's uncomfortable, it's

JL: Yeah.

DR: It's actually easier with a girl, because...

JL: I find it that way too. [Denise and the audience laugh]

DR: Yeah.

JL: For me, ya know.

DR: [Denise looks over at William Hurt, who is smiling] Oh, you like that?

WH: [stuttering] Oh no, I'm in right field. I'm outta this.

JL: Like when me and Kev are together, we can't get naked. It's odd.
[Denise, the audience, and Kevin Eubanks laugh]

KE: It's really tough.

DR: Oh, really?

JL: When I'm with a girl it just seems more natural. So I see what you're saying.

DR: Well with a girl, it's, you know, I'm more comfortable saying can you cover
this flaw, or this, and with Matt Dillon you don't really want to point out your
flaws, so with a girl it's okay. [Laughs] If he doesn't see the flaws, that's
fine, I don't want him to point them out.

JL: No, No, guys can overlook a lot in that situation.

DR: Yeah? [Denise and audience laugh]

JL: So, I mean, how did you deal with it? I'm mean, was it, did you guys just
get loaded?

DR: You mean, did we drink beforehand? [Laughs]

JL: Did you drink before this?

DR: Uh, yeah, we actually made like a pitcher of margaritas in Neve's trailer
before we did the scene. [Jay laughs] Although I don't recommend drinking while
you work, it was just, it was nice to take the edge off.

JL: Right, Right, old acting trick. Isn't that right, Bill?

WH: A pitcher, you know.

DR: Have a few drinks. [Laughs]

JL: Now I met your mom and dad in the dressing room.

DR: Yeah.

JL: Your mom and dad seem very nice.

DR: Yeah.

JL: But your dad, "hey what you looking at", your dad gave me one of those kinda

DR: Oh, he did? [Laughs]

JL: Well, no, I'm just teasing. No, he seems very nice, but he seemed like, how
was it for your dad? Because, I mean, you know, you're his daughter when he goes
to the movies.

DR: Right.

JL: You have this nude scene, was that tricky for him?

DR: Well, when I first got the movie, I told my parents about it and told them
there was, like, a tiny bit of nudity in it.

JL: [Laughs] Did you lie a little bit on that?

DR: A little bit. [Denise, Jay, and the audience laugh] And I, you know, [Jay
does a mock flasher scene, and Denise laughs].

JL: You know, one of those.

DR: And, uh, and then not only was the nudity with a guy, it was also with a girl

JL: Yeah.

DR: So that was a whole 'nother thing, but they were actually very supportive, and
they saw it for the first time the night the film opened, and um, they closed
their eyes. I warned them ahead of time exactly, I mean it's kind of obvious
watching the movie where that scene comes up. So I just warned them ahead of time,
you know, where that's coming. So, they closed their eyes, because they didn't
want that image of, you know, their daughter in their mind, so.

JL: Well, sure. Well let's see. Now, we have a clip from the film, and I don't
want people to think... I mean, it's not a sex film. I mean, it's just this one
scene in it.

DR: It's a... It's a sexy thriller.

JL: It's a sexy thriller? It is a sexy thriller. Sexy thriller would be very
good. Yes, that's a good explanation. Yeah, here's a scene from, uh, "Wild
Things". Let's take a look. Now this is with Kevin Bacon...

DR: Kevin Bacon plays a detective and, um, he's confronting me with his suspicion.

JL: Right, let's take a look.

[The scene where Kevin Bacon confronts Denise about their scheme at the swimming
pool is played. They return, and the audience applauds]

JL: That was a terrific movie, a lot of fun.

DR: Oh, thanks.

[Jay pulls out William Hurt's "Lost in Space" action figure, and hands it to
Denise. She turns over and looks at William.]

DR: Is this your little action figure?

JL: Will you let me know when one of your action figures becomes available?
[audience laughs]

DR: I DO have an action figure.

JL: Really? You have an action figure? You certainly do. [Laughs]

DR: From "Starship Troopers".

JL: Oh, from "Starship Troopers", that's right! I'll have to get that.

DR: [To William Hurt, regarding the figure] I like this.

JL: Well listen, you're very nice, and say hi to your folks for me again.

DR: Thank you, nice to meet you.

JL: Thanks Denise. We'll be right back with Joe Cocker, right after this.

[Cut to commercial. End of Denise's segment.]