an interview

   Denise Richards is starring, along with Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, and Neve
   Campbell, in John McNaughton's 'WILD THINGS', released by Columbia Pictures
   and opening nationwide March 20th.

   ACM: Hi Denise. First of all, I want to say thank you for this great
   opportunity. I know the college students are big fans...I've logged on to
   a couple of your fan sites and they say "We want more of Denise!" So I'm
   sure they'll be excited to read this interview.

   ACM: I know you've guest-starred in ''Doogie Howser, M.D.", "Melrose Place",
   and "Against the Grain" in addition to your movie roles in 'NOWHERE', and
   'STARSHIP TROOPERS'. Have you always wanted to be an actress?

   DR: Yes, ever since I was little. When I was in high school, I took drama,
   but I wasn't pursuing it as a career then. I started out modeling in high
   school, but I wanted to quit that type of work really young, so that I
   could start taking acting classes. After I graduated from high school, I
   moved up to L.A. and then got a theatrical agent, began studying with a
   coach, and started doing TV shows to build my resume, and guest spots. I
   did some pilots and movies of the week. And then I just kept building my
   resume. Then I got ‘STARSHIP TROOPERS’ and then ‘WILD THINGS.’

   ACM: You went to high school in Oceanside, CA, right?

   DR: My first year, I went to high school in Illinois, in Downer’s Grove.
   Then I went to school in Oceanside.

   ACM: Big difference between Illinois and Los Angeles, isn’t there?

   DR: Huge. My family is all still back in Illinois, cousins, aunts, and
   uncles. They’re excited, because they’re not around the business at all.
   To them, even a little part is exciting. My parents and my sister have
   been especially supportive.

   ACM: What do you find most rewarding about acting?

   DR: I like doing the work, but I’m not comfortable seeing my work. I
   would be more comfortable just doing it and then moving on to the next
   project. I saw ‘WILD THINGS’ two or three weeks ago, and it was so hard
   to watch myself on the screen; really hard.

   ACM: Really? Harder than watching some of the other work you’ve done?

   DR: It’s very difficult to watch anything I do. It's hard to be
   objective because I’m so critical. I’d like to get to the point where
   I can watch my performance, and just critique it objectively. I love
   doing the work, though.

   ACM: That must be tough, but I’m sure it will get easier the more work
   you do.

   DR: I don’t know. I’ve talked to other actresses who are older, and have
   been working for a long time, and they say the same thing. I don’t know
   if you ever get over that.

   ACM: How is it interacting with the other people on the set? It
   probably differs from film to film.

   DR: Yeah, on ‘STARSHIP TROOPERS’, we were all the same age, we were all
   at the same level in our career, which was really great. We were all
   very excited.  ‘STARSHIP’ really helped me. So many times, directors
   don’t want to hire a new face. The studio doesn’t want to take the
   chance. That’s why I’m so grateful to Paul Verhoeven, because he
   really took a chance on me. On all of us, because we were all new faces.
   Because of that, it helped me get ‘WILD THINGS’. ‘WILD THINGS’ was good
   because I got to learn from actors who’ve been working for a very long
   time. All of them were very generous, Kevin Bacon especially. He was
   the most professional person I’ve ever worked with. He is incredible, and
   I would love to work with him again. Neve was great to work with too.
   It was a great experience; I learned a lot on ‘WILD THINGS’.

   ACM: Could you tell us, in a few sentences, what ‘WILD THINGS’ is about?

   DR: It’s basically a film noir, a thriller. The film is about revenge,
   and lust, and greed. It starts out where Neve and I set up Matt Dillon’s
   character for rape, but that’s not really what the film is about. That’s
   just the beginning. Everything happens after that. It has lots of twists
   and turns in it. It’s like a ‘SCREAM’ meets ‘BODY HEAT’.

   ACM: Can you tell me a little about your character, Kelly?

   DR: She’s very wealthy, and Theresa Russell plays my mom. On the
   outside, she’s very much put-together, but she’s also manipulative,
   and has a very dark side to her. She has a different kind of strength.
   In ‘STARSHIP TROOPERS’, my character was a fighter pilot, very strong,
   and ambitious, and driven, but this character, Kelly, She’ll do anything!
   And I think it takes a different kind of strength to do that, but on the
   other hand, it’s also a sign of weakness. But I had a lot of fun playing
   her. It was fun to play an evil woman. You know, everyone has a little
   evil in themselves.

   ACM: Are there any similarities between you and your character, Kelly?

   DR: Well, I’ll tell you. I wouldn’t trust anyone in this movie. If I
   knew all these people in real life, there’s no way I’d be friends with
   any of them.

   ACM: What was the hardest part for you about playing Kelly?

   DR: Our characters are all basically lying, and that was hard. We spent
   two weeks of rehearsal in Miami before we started shooting, and we all
   sat around, Kevin, Matt, Neve, and I, going over the script, to figure
   out who knows what at what point, so that we weren’t confused. It was
   like lying on top of lying. The whole role itself was a challenge.
   I’ve never played a character like this, I’m totally opposite from her.

   ACM: In ‘WILD THINGS’, you obviously have more than a schoolgirl crush
   on Matt Dillon, who plays your guidance counselor. Did you ever have a
   crush on any of your high school teachers?

   DR: Oh yeah, Mr. Griffin. He taught science and looked like Christopher

   ACM: Denise, do you know what's coming up for you next?

   DR: Well, right now I’m trying to find a romantic comedy, or a really
   nice period piece. I’m just looking at scripts, and there are a couple
   things we’re trying to figure out. I haven’t committed to anything, at
   this point. I would love to work with some of the female actresses. I
   would love to work with Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, or Michelle
   Pfeiffer. They’ve all got really great careers. They all seem like
   very classy women, have made great choices, and they’re amazing
   actresses. I’ve seen interviews with them, and they seem very

   ACM: Do you know where you would like to be 10 years from now?

   DR: I would eventually love to get to the point where I can create my
   own projects. I'd like to have a little more control and maybe produce
   some films. That probably won't happen for a while; right now, I’m
   working towards getting established.

   ACM: Did you have someone in Hollywood that you knew, that sort of took
   you under their wing?

   DR: No, I moved here by myself. It was hard, but it was something that
   I really wanted to do. I got an agent, and just started the building

   ACM: Did you ever wish you had the college experience?

   DR: Sometimes, I wish I went to college, but at the same time, I've
   learned a lot in the years that I’ve been working. Everyone has a
   different learning experience. I was on my own, and I knew this was
   what I wanted to do, so I focused on acting classes. A college
   education would have been nice, but I’m happy with the way things have
   worked out. I never lived in a dorm, but I lived in a model’s apartment
   with six girls in New York. That was fun. I learned a lot, because a lot
   of them were older than I was, and they were from all over the world. I
   learned a lot that way. Sororities and football games would have been
   fun, though.

   ACM: Changing direction a little bit, aside from your career, what do you
   like to do when you have time off?

   DR: My parents live in San Diego, and my sister has a little boy; I have
   a nephew, so I like spending time with them. And my friends. I’m very
   girly. I like to shop, and get massages and facials.

   ACM: Do you have a favorite movie?

   DR: Well, this year, of course, it’s ‘TITANIC’. I love that movie. And
   ‘AS GOOD AS IT GETS’. Those are my favorite movies this year.

   ACM: What is your idea of a perfect evening? How would you spend your time?

   DR: I’m not big on clubs, so I like going to a really nice restaurant with
   a group of friends and having a big group dinner with good food and good

   ACM: Do you have a favorite kind of food?

   DR: My favorite restaurant in L.A. is The Ivy. Their grilled vegetable
   salad is my favorite. The salads are great there. So that’s what I like
   to do. Once in a while, I’ll go out for a drink after dinner, but I
   don’t go to clubs very often.

   ACM: One last question. You obviously keep in good shape. What is your

   DR: Pilates!! It’s the best. I’ve tried every form of exercise, but
   Pilates really elongates your muscles. Of course, every girl says they
   don’t want to build their legs, and this doesn’t build at all. It really
   lengthens the muscles. I do Pilates a lot. Before that, I was doing
   kickboxing, which is good. And spinning. I do Pilates four times a week,
   and when I was doing kickboxing, I was going five to six times a week. But
   I definitely have to work out. I’m not one of those girls that can eat
   whatever I want and still weigh 100 pounds. Pilates was originally
   designed for dancers, so you do a lot of plies on the machines. It really
   works your buns and thighs. It’s great!!

   ACM: Well, it's working because you look great. Thanks so much for your
   time today, Denise, and I wish you success in your future work. I hope
   after reading about you, that everybody goes out to see 'WILD THINGS' on
   March 20th.